The World’s Largest Non-Profit Supplier Of Computer To Developing Countries



Every year in the UK approximately 3 million PCs are decommissioned and are no longer in use. A great many of these un-used PCs are in fine working order. Yet, in the developing world 99% of schoolchildren graduate from high school not having seen or touched a computer in the classroom.

Computer Aid International aims to bridge this digital divide by refurbishing computers from the UK for re-use in schools and community organisations in developing countries.

  • refurbished computers being re-used overseas

  • To increase the number of UK organisations donating their used IT equipment for re-use overseas.

  • To identify and work with those organisations in recipient countries able to derive maximum value from refurbished computers.

  • To provide training and work experience in computer repair to people from socially excluded communities in our workshops in the UK.